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AlmatyThe city of Almaty for more than 70 years - since April, 3, 1997 till December, 10, 1997 was the capital of Kazakhstan.
Parting with Southern capital, President N. Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan put it: "Almaty city is the golden cradle of Kazakhstani independence. It is from this nest our independence has taken off. And Kazakhstan has become known to the whole world community."

Official records of Almaty goes back to 1854 when the fortress was erected which took the name Verny and in the year 1857 it became a city.
However the history of Almaty goes to infinity.
Islamized version on Oguz-khan cited by Rashid-ad- Din (1274-1318) in his great work " Dzhami at tavarikh " bears the very first mention of Almalyk region. The indisputable data are taken from numismatic sources, which are evidence to the existence of a mint in the XII century on the territory of modern Almaty.
Late late bronze epoch of X-IX centuries saw settlements, and the people were involved in farming and cattle-breeding. They were residing in semi dugs out, which made for small settlements of cattle-breeders and farmers.
Within the epoch of Sakhs the region of Almaty was the place of settlement for Sakh and Usun tribes. This period left numerous burial grounds, and among them the large burial mounds of Sakh tzars stood out.
In these mounds in tombs made of Tyan-Shang fir tree the Sakh tzars and aristocracy were buried expensively dressed, with golden decorations, belts, armoury, valuable goods, utensils, earthen ware and wooden crockery. Excavations from the Issyk burial mound testify to luxury.

ImageThe late Usun period distinguishes "Kargaly diadem" which was found in Alatau mountains on the height of 2300 m. This is a long golden two-part plate (length - 35 cm, width - 4,7 cm). The plate depicts the vegetation ornament with figures of Siberian stags with Phoenix in-between plated into thereof ,then a woman slated on a winged horse, flying bird, bear with a argali over it. The archeologists believe that the images on the diadem are connected with the cult of a God- mother and Dionissis,the God of fertility,thus illustrating the description of Dionissi's festivities.
The next stage of life on the territory of Almaty is connected with the Feudal epoch, when first settlements and cities came into life. It is the late VIII-X centuries, time of developing city culture, flourishing of international trade links through Silk Route. Its route via Ili valley was actively utilized in X-XIII centuries.
Researches believe that modern Almaty under this name was formed in X-XI centuries. Its history numbers thousand of years and the territory of Almaty was rendered habitable even in the bronze era before 2 millenia until the moment when medieval city came into rise.
Almaty has got not only ancient history, and unique nature of Kazakhstan.
There are the dombardy poplars, beautiful panorama of mountains covered with ever existing snow, murmuring streams of water, giving the city in summer much awaited coolness.

The city is fenced by natural apple, cherry and apricot gardens, mountains surrounding it are covered with Tian-Shang pine trees, which grow only here, in the foothills of Alatau mountains. Almaty National Park is set up there.
The suburbs of Almaty are the perfect balneological health resort. Within few km from Almaty one can hear the performance of a unique nature phenomenon - that of signing dunes. Such phenomena can be witnessed only in Africa, Hawaian islands and some countries of the American continent.

ImageIf you have one- day visit within Almaty from North to South, on the distance of 20-30 km you can see all climatic regions characteristic for our country varying from desert valley to snowing peaks located on the 5 m height.
Mary Hemingway, wife of a prominent American writer called Almaty as the most beautiful city of the world.

ImageAlmaty is a scientific, cultural and educational center of Kazakhstan. Large educational establishments, famous theatres and places of entertaiment are located here and within the last years gambling and entertaining business have seen their best development.

ImageThe suburbs of Almaty within 10-15 minutes of car ride are a venue of world-known places "Medeo" mountaineous skating rink, "Shymbulak" skiing camp,"Khan-Tenghri"- international alpine centre; and the ascent to Khan-Tenghri peak - 6995 m , the highest mountainous point of Kazakhstan is made from this very place.
ImageLately the city has seen the construction of modern hotels-"Rakhat-Palace", "Ankara", "Astana".