President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s statement (Astana, June 8, 2016) in English

Dear citizens!

As you know, a terrorists attack took place in Aktobe on June 5. Law enforcement authorities have taken the necessary measures to deal with this criminal action and to neutralise the terrorists. Following my instructions, a special interdepartmental investigative team, headed by the Minister of Internal Affairs, has been set up. The investigation is being conducted under the personal supervision of the General Prosecutor.

All the attackers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. According to the information that we possess, this terrorist act was organised by supporters of radical pseudo-religious movements. They received their instructions from abroad.

Unfortunately, there are casualties among our civilians and the military. They had families and children. I express my deepest condolences to their families and relatives. I declare Thursday, June 9, a day of national mourning for the victims. Following my instructions, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Akimats (regions and cities administration) must ensure that the families of those killed and injured receive the necessary support and assistance.

The law enforcement personnel have sacrificed their lives to stop terrorists. They displayed professionalism and loyalty and demonstrated heroism and patriotism. I want to emphasise the high level of order and efficiency of the police and the National Guard. During the difficult moment, the residents of Aktobe remained calm and did not succumb to panic and provocation.

Extremism and terrorism have threatened the security of not only our country, but also of the whole world. The people of Kazakhstan fully understood the necessity of strengthening the anti-terrorism measures that were taken by the law enforcement agencies across the country following the attacks. Today, there is no cause for concern for our citizens. However, I urge the people to be vigilant, to stop all incitement to violent and illegal acts and to help the law enforcement agencies.

Knowing that our country has liberal public policies and laws, some people wanted to test the strength of our state. Let me be clear that the government will take the most stringent measures to suppress extremists and terrorists. The state has all the necessary capabilities and power to combat this threat. We all know that the so-called “colour revolutions” use a variety of different methods and begin with contrived rallies, murder and the desire to seize power. These methods have manifested themselves in our country. In countries where these revolutions succeeded, there is no longer a working state and stability, only rampant poverty and banditry that create conditions for the emergence of extremists and terrorists. The economies of these countries have gone backwards by many years.

I urge all the people, as well as all the political and public organisations, to unite and to show that we will defend peace, stability and friendship among all the people of Kazakhstan. The government will take additional measures against those who seek to undermine our society and country. We will monitor these measures and issue a summary.
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El ministro español de Exteriores en funciones, José Manuel García-Margallo, afirmó hoy en Astaná que España es un "socio fiable" para Kazajistán y puso en valor la experiencia y liderazgo de las empresas españolas para los proyectos que serán puestos en marcha en este país de Asia Central.

García-Margallo pronunció estas palabras durante la inauguración del foro empresarial España-Kazajistán que se celebra hoy en Astaná, la capital del país centroasiático, al que asistió junto al ministro kazajo de Inversiones y Desarrollo, Asset Issekeshev.

Con el fin de apoyar la posición de las empresas españolas que ya operan en este país y de favorecer el inicio de actividades por parte de otras que han mostrado interés, el titular de Asuntos Exteriores destacó la posición estratégica de España como miembro de la UE, puente entre Europa y África y clave en América Latina.

Aseguró que las empresas españolas son líderes en energía, infraestructuras, transporte, medio ambiente, automoción y banca y que pueden aportar su experiencia a Kazajistán.

Puso como ejemplos de proyectos internacionales en los que participan empresas españolas el tren entre la Meca y Medina, el canal de Panamá, la nueva terminal del aeropuerto de Heathrow en Londres, el puerto de Mónaco o el metro de Lima.